Welcome to Misty Peak Pavilion

Hello, and thank you for dropping in. Having grown up in the Far East, I’ve always loved Chinese paintings – particularly landscapes. To me they are peaceful to observe and a pleasure to paint. I hope you’ll find something to enjoy here.

Traditional Oriental art is drawn from life. Gnarled bent trees cling perilously to craggy mountains, swathed in swirling mists; temples and pagodas, both modest and ornate, grace lovely placid river banks and small bustling villages; tiny bridges cross small streams far below thunderous waterfalls; all the while, simple people go about daily life.

Chinese painting is learned by copying the works of old masters. It is believed that in copying the work of the ancients, their spirits are reborn as their works take on new life. Much of my work is inspired by their lovely paintings.

I began my studies in Taiwan with Professor Nancy Tao and continued working with Ming Liu for many years. Several years ago, Ming bestowed upon me the honor of a studio name – Misty Peak Pavilion. Welcome to my studio.